Idea Cellular


Facebook App,  Mobile Integration, Website & Online Campaign Launch


Law & Kenneth | Saatchi & Saatchi


Digital Strategy, Entire Art Direction, UX, Visual Design, Branding, Typogrphy & Interaction Design.


ACD (Art) - Chagas Ferdinando,
ACD (Copy) - Prabhudoss Samuel,
Sr. Art Director - Neha Karira,
Copy Supervisor - Georgia Sagolsem.

Celebration of 5 Million FB fans with a Musical Id (M-ID)

When Idea Cellular, India's 3rd largest telecom company hit its 5 million fan base, it had to celebrate and thank the users in an out-of-the-box style. An update or a cover picture just wouldn’t cut it. We wanted to connect and engage with fans in a unique way that would change fans’ perception of the brand, give it a young and trendy outlook and also reaffirm the brand assurance that ‘an Idea can change your life’. So we created M-ID, an application that allowed users to create a personal ‘Musical ID’ using just their 10-digit mobile number. A personalized tune based on every individual’s unique mobile number; this was an inimitable identity and a digital gift that money couldn’t buy. Any mobile phone user could simply go to the application on Idea’s Facebook page, punch in their digits and get a unique tone to their name. Every tone was different, every melody generated was customised to the number keyed in by each user.

How the App worked:

  1. Users had to go to the application and click on Get your M-ID.
  2. Then they had to enter your 10 digit mobile number and press submit.
  3. The last step was to download, share or invite your friends to take their M-ID. Once downloaded user can set the generated M-ID as their ringtone.

Campaign & Results:

The application was promoted using sponsored stories and Facebook updates. It quickly became a new way to display individuality with music as unique as the users themselves. In a noisy world of sound-alike tunes, this was a breakthrough for people who wanted to embrace their uniqueness. Thousands of visitors registered for their Musical ID on the app and the total number of unique ringtones generated was over huge too. Overall, Idea’s fan base grew by 210,513 new fans as a direct result of the M-ID campaign.


The activity started off with online teaser banners on Facebook and Yahoo along with offline posters and hoardings that generated a buzz.

Reveal Campaign

FB Application (Mobile integrated)

Twitter Campaign