FOX Crime


Digital advertising campaign, Website & Brand Launch


Ogilvy India


Digital Strategy & Art Direction


Sr. Creative Director: Prasanna Kulkarni
Creative Director: Anand Gharat
Associate Creative Director:  Jolene Dsouza
Creative Controller: Rohit Mallela
Art Director: Neha Karira & Ganesh Shinde


Digitally-led, integrated campaign to solve a mysterious crime

BRIEF: FOX Crime is an entertainment channel entirely dedicated to crime and investigation. It’s home to shows like CSI, Law & Order, Criminal Minds and many others. Get potential viewers hooked on the genre of crime drama.

IDEA: A digitally-led, integrated campaign, which challenged our audience to solve a mysterious crime using 360˚ online approach. The campaign challenged our audience to solve the case using of all digital platforms such as website, jumpsite, banners, mobile & social media networks like facebook & twitter.

RESULT: Launched in August 2011, the campaign microsite had received 330,000 website views with 181,593 unique website visitors, 77,000 followers on twitter, 43,440 registered detectives and over 2577 successful detectives. The facebook fan page hads grown by more than 400% from 19,000 to 76,024 fans. 340,000 subscribers got added to Fox Crime.

THE CAMPAIGN: “The Photographs Case” was a murder mystery highlighting three lead characters playing the victim, the murderer, and the accomplice. Each of the three characters is a suspect for one of these roles; further challenging the viewers on the mystery of who was really the victim, the murderer and the accomplice. The campaign launched nationwide with three 30-second films. Outdoor, Print and Online display ads were leveraged to drive eager detectives to solve the case on the channel's website nd collaborate with other fans on the brand's facebook page. On the microsite, users got to play the game which continues where the TV commercials left off. The game blends investigative elements such as mystery and crime solving with clues hidden in film, the Facebook brand page and microsites linked to a particular crime scene. For each clue deciphered players unlocked a part of the mystery, which they could share with friends on social media. After players solved the case they were rewarded with a 60-second film, revealing the actual crime.

THE REWARD: At the end of the two week campaign the five winners who cracked the case were sent on an all-expenses paid trip to the Museum of Crime & Punishment, in Washington DC.


Watch the Case Study

The Digital Creatives - Website


Clue 1: The Exchange

A burnt currency note was one of the first clues to get detectives started on the Photographs Case.


Clue 2: A Cruel Mistress

A series of Polaroids were recovered from the crime scene. On careful examination of the photographs an etched message could be recovered by brushing the photographs with charcoal powder.


Clue 3: A Lasting Impression  

Detectives recovered a partial fingerprint from the crime scene. They had to send it to forensics and leave their mobile numbers to receive a report from the forensics team.

Clue 4: The Glittering Ballerina

Detectives traced the owner of the Ballerina keychain through an album on Facebook. The album had many photographs but the one with the Ballerina keychain had the answer.

Clue 5: Twisted Metal 

The car's number plate was unidentifiable but was critical to solve the mystery. Detectives had to access the Transit Cameras Inc. CCTV footage in order to find out who the car was registered with.

Clue 6: The Last Supper

A bar bill found nearby led Detectives to a website that was promoting the restaurant. Here Detectives were able to access the restaurant's Interactive Voice Response and find out the identity of the person who paid for the bill.

Clue 7: Analyze This 

A chemical residue found around the blast site had to be analyzed by Detectives. By figuring out the chemical composition of the residue they were able to identify the explosive and trace the identities of the people who had bought it.

Clue 8: The Call 

A Sim Card salvaged from a damaged phone allowed forensics to send the Detectives a detailed report by email. The co-ordinates mentioned in the email revealed the location of the suspect.

Clue 9: Revelations 

Detectives were able to recover a memory device found on the victim. However to access a specific folder which was password protected. Cracking the password was the last but the toughest challenge. Detectives had to look for hints towards a possible password hidden in all possible files.

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