Dubbo City Guide



Dubbo City, NSW, Australia

Android + iOS App, Website & Brand Launch

Studio Curry

Digital Strategy, UX, Visual Design, Branding, Illustration & Interaction Design.


Dubbo’s city guide app for the locals. 

Located in the Orana region of New South Wales, Dubbo is a place where cattle farms & cafes are within minutes of each other, the people are friendly and have a relaxed work/life balance. Despite being a small city, Dubbo boasts of some world-class restaurants, wineries, B&Bs, markets, fashion retailers, parks and facilities. Specially known for its national zoo, live music, lovely local cafes and history, there's a lot that Dubbo caters to people of all age groups. The one thing missing though, was a city app; to combine all the events together and guide its locals and visitors on daily basis. 

Dubbo City App is the perfect solution to bring out the best of the city, recommended by the people, for the people. It intended to be free, easily accessible & user-friendly to provide trending information, public recommendations, weather alerts, news and more that city has to offer. Designed and built for both; Android & iOS platforms, the app offers premium mobile experience, free of cost. Packed with tips and advice from on-the-ground & local experts, Dubbo city guide app is the ultimate resource before and during a trip. The design for this mobile app began in 2016 and is currently in its development stage. It is scheduled to be launched by early 2017.


UX Flow & User Journey


Typography & Colours


Mobile Screens


Rhinos & Dubbo

There are several rhino sculptures installed all over Dubbo. Initially started as a part of the Rhino Adventure campaign at Taronga Zoo, these sculptures are now an iconic representation of the region which highlight the plight of Rhino species in the wild.  They help raise the importance of conservation and breeding programs carried out in Dubbo. In Dubbo City app too, the rhino was chosen to be the mascot and it has been designed as an icon representing the local users.


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